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I AM REMY Online

 I am Remy Sapuletej a Dutch “Hybrid Photograper”.
I am probably one of the photographers with the most diverse clients in the Netherlands. I have been working in the photography industry for 15 years now and have shot everything in all circumstances one can think of.

 I started in the Amsterdam nightlife and built up a humongous network with the biggest international DJs, organizations and brands all over the world. I work for (and with) brands like Peugeot, Sony Xperia, Sigma Benelux, Edox Watches, Waterdream, Heineken, Topgear Netherlands, Armada Music, David Lewis, Tommy Hilfiger, TW Steel Watches, Carhartt WIP, Redbull Netherlands, Corendon, Tophat Classics, several Restaurants / Hotels / Resorts and many more.

What can i do FOR YOU

This is a sumup from things that I can do and love to do for my clients. Shoots I do in my photostudio or on locations in and outdoors.

○  Model & Fashion Shoots  ○
○  Product & Location Photography & Movies  ○
○  Travel Content Images & Movies  ○
○  Social Media Content Creation  ○
○  Social Media Marketing  ○
○  Creating Concepts from  A to Z  ○
○  Drone Images & Videos  ○
○  Wedding Photography & Movies  ○
○  Logo, Corporate Identity & Advertisements  ○
○  Webdesign  ○

content creator

Are you an influencer or do you have a brand, location or service and you need a constant stream of social media content?

Content for you to post

We will plan 2 or 3 photo moments per month to generate enough content for you to post on your social media accounts.

€ 950,00

Social Media Manager

We will plan 3 photo moments per month to generate enough content that I will schedule to post on your social media accounts during the month. 

To generate growth on all your accounts me and my team will optimize your posts to have the best effect to grow.

€ 1450,00

Prices are monthly

Graphic Design

I started my career as a graphic designer and web designer. As a designer you work with stock photos but they were never the way I wanted them. so then I started shooting them myself.

Logo & corporate identity

Together we create the look and feel that you want to project as a company. We work this out from business cards to advertising.

€ 250,00


Websites are complicated to price because all are custom work. The price is depending on if I also have to create the content and corporate identity. 

€ 850,00

This is a starting price. Custom requests are extra.


If you need a corporate or promotional video to tell the world about your business or service.

I can help you out! Because a video is very custom and different with all clients we will calculate the final price after meeting and line up the wish list.

What's in my camera bag

Several high-end professional cameras with lenses, action cams with accessories to place in the impossible or dangerous angles, gimbals for those butter smooth movements and a 4k drone to get the view from the sky.

So please contact me to see what we can do.

For any inquiries please contact me


Remy Sapuletej
Email hello@remyonline.nl
Phone +31 (0)6 555 55 059

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frequentLY asked questions & answers

Every job is different and unique. That is why it is difficult to mention an hourly rate. Contact me to see what we can do for each other.

The amount of photos on a job is difficult to say just because you can not predict the situations. What I can say is that the key moments are captured.

Photography and video at the same time is usually not possible because certain moments you can only do once. Then a choice has to be made between photo or video.

Let me think…. YES PLEASE!

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